Our hotel in the Ötztal amid the Ötztaler Alps in Tyrol

The Big 3 in Sölden are a very special experience of deceleration

The Ötztaler Alps are part of the Austrian Central Alps and right in the middle is the 4* Hotel Dominic in Sölden in the Ötztal. It's here that developed tourist areas such as the area around Sölden lie side by side with locations of marked seclusion on the northern ridges of the biggest elevations in the eastern Alps. It's a region full of contrasts, which fascinates and is easy to fall in love with.

The ten highest summits in the Ötztaler Alps and Sölden's Big 3:

  • Wildspitze (3,768 m)
  • Weißkugel (3,738 m)
  • Hinterer Brochkogel (3,635 m)
  • Hintere Schwärze (3,628 m)
  • Similaun (3,599 m)
  • Vorderer Brochkogel (3,565 m)
  • Innerer Bärenbartkogel (3,557 m)
  • Ötztaler Urkund (3,556 m)
  • Östliche Marzellspitze (3,555 m)
  • Großer Ramolkogel (3,549 m)

However, it's the Big 3 in Sölden which are the three mountains that provide for a true summit feeling: Gaislachkogel (3,058 m), Tiefenbachkogel (3,309 m) and Schwarze Schneid (3,370 m). That's the Big 3 and they are skiing mountains with three unique panorama views. Sölden heralds a new era in tourism here: not "quick, quick, climb the mountain" but instead you can take the gondolas up to the platforms and take a break atop the three mountains. So you can enjoy the wonderful mountain world without the hectic. Heaven really is a little closer up here!

In the Tyrolean part of the Ötztaler Alps there are also a number of nature reserves, amongst them the Ötztaler Alps nature sanctuary, the natural monument of the Obergurgler pine forest or the forest reserves in Windachtal. They are part of the Ötztal nature park.

Anyone who holidays in Tyrol and chooses the Ötztal as their destination, they really have chosen Austria's highlight. The Ötztal is not only the longest tributary valley in Tyrol, but it is also home to the highest Tyrolean mountains. After all, there are 250 three-thousand metre high mountains and plenty of destinations for cycling, swimming and rafting. Why not book today, at our hotel in the Ötztal!